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Hamacareise is a visual travel and photography blog about the love for independent travel, written by globetrotter and photographer, Ingeborg. 

With a main focus on adventure travel, culture, backpacking, photography and vegetarian food, Hamacareise mostly has a young and adventurous Scandinavian audience (18-35 years). Readers can find inspiration through travel stories, photo collections, practical guides and other articles about travel and photography. 



What’s special about Hamacareise?

When seeking inspiration for new destinations I know first hand how important it is to get a good visual impression of a place. Because of this (and my passion for photography) I value high quality photos, video clips and other visual elements on Hamacareise. Each blog post usually contains between 15-30 photos in different sizes, and all photos are my own if not other is stated.

The length of the articles on Hamacareise is also above average. Each blog post usually contains between 1000-2000 words about a specific destination or topic. This way my readers can get a deeper experience of a place or activity. Longer blog posts also rank better on Google and have a high average reader time on each page (2,5 min on Hamacareise).

I think it’s a good thing to share the knowledge we obtain in life. That’s why I’ve made a Travel Q&A-page where I try to help my readers with questions they may have about travel or photography. Currently the Travel Q&A has over 350 comments.

Back in 2010 I created a 6 step backpacking guide to help travelers with the practicalities for a longer journey. The guide turned out to be very popular and I have keep it updated ever since. In 2016 I also published a personal Travel Planner on PDF for newsletter readers to download for free.


My background

  • Been blogging since 2010
  • Visited over 70 countries on five continents
  • Was awarded the Best Norwegian Travel Blog 2016 by Travelmarket, got 2. prize in Norway’s best Travel Blog 2017 on Reiselivsmessen, won the price for «Best Photo Blog» with Hamacareise in SuperSaver Travel blog Awards 2013, shared travel tips on national radio (NRK P3), was featured in different Norwegian newspapers, judged Momondo’s Instagram competition, and more (see In Media)
  • Co-founder of Nordic Nomads, the first professional Nordic network for travel bloggers
  • Spent 5 years working in the largest photography store in northern Europe, Scandinavian Photo in Oslo
  • Bachelor degree in Digital Media Production from 2013



Partnership possibilities 

  • Press/blog trips – I think arranging blog trips is a great way to show a destination’s best sights and activities to people who love to travel. I’m open for participating on blog trips as long as the destination and activities fits my niche, and I’m free to write my own opinion.
  • Buy travel photos – Do you need high quality photos for your destination, event or activity? I am available for freelance photography assignments and I also have a big library of travel photos already on my hard drive. If you are in need of photos for your website or campaign check out my portfolio with travel photos to find the specific location and/or theme you are interested in.
  • Sponsored content – As long as the content of a sponsored post is relevant to the topics on my blog (travel and photography), I’m open to discussing sponsored content on Hamacareise.
  • Social media campaigns – If you wish to reach out to Norwegians who love to travel, reviews/videos/photos of a product or service on Hamacareise’s social media is possible if relevant.
  • Brand ambassadorships – Are you looking for a long-term partnership with a travel blogger who can promote your brand continuously through social media and blog posts? Hamacareise is open to be an ambassador for a travel or photography related brand if it’s relevant and suited for Hamacareise’s profile. Please get in touch and we’ll discuss the possibilities of a partnership.

All sponsored content on Hamacareise will contain a disclosure.


What I offer

  • Creative travel photographs and videos from destinations and activities
  • Thorough and honest reviews from places, hotels, restaurants, services and events
  • SEO-friendly written articles and guides
  • Collaboration on campaigns for a destination or event
  • Workshops/lectures about travel photography or travel blogging


Contact info

For any request, please e-mail me:

Ingeborg Lindseth


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